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"Don't touch me unless I say you can or *I will hurt you!*"
Ohhh ... that statement has nothing to do with sex ... or ... sex is just once facet? ... or forget the sex stuff, the statement simply relates to touch of any kind? Well, is it related to any of the matters about nudity in any way? If not, okay; if so, then I was wondering how?

"Moving on, no matter how much Humans want to it not to be true we will always be animals and yes the basic wild animal mentality can apply to all of us depending on the kind of person you are."
Okay. I don't see any reason to doubt that, I guess I just wonder how it applies to the rest of our discussion?

"Can you honestly tell me you have never learned of an individual Human who had the mentality of 'Don't touch me unless I say you can or *I will hurt you?*'"
Yay, I get a chance to add a surprise to the conversation. Yes, I can honestly tell you that I've never learned of an individual Human who had that mentality. Not a once in all my years. You heard it here first. Have I known some violent people? Oh yes, but that seems to me like a different (less specific) question. (But if you meant violent people in general, then I guess I didn't get to add a surprise after all; bummer for me.)

So, you seem to be telling me that you were, well, hypersensitive about touch when you were in school, and that if you hadn't been switched to homeschooling, things might have gotten ugly?

While I understand your frustration (I say "sandwich" and he thinks "lightbulb"), I hope you will grant me some leeway since I'm not doing it on purpose.

"Just please try to read my words without letting your mind wander into wherever it goes to."
Alas, my mind has always had a "mind of its own" and I never know quite where it's going to end up. The best I can do to try to carry out your request is to make an effort to interpret whatever you say in strictly literal terms. This probably means, though, that I'll have some questions about relevance, because sometimes I don't quite get where our conversation is going. I guess I'm missing some of the links that seem obvious to everyone else.

Would it help if I just stayed out of the way? If my posts are all inappropriate, then surely they're not helping anybody? I'm kinda disappointed, I really thought I was doing some good here.
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