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Originally Posted by Cherub View Post

So far, Iíve given her the okay to look and learn, but on a trial basis, as I donít truly know if this is more than I can accept in reality than in theory, but am willing to let try on that basis. She accepted my terms and has been looking on OKC, with her search going slowly up until this week. She started chatting with a man who very much intrigues her ....

A lady on this forum, warned me that many guys on OKC view poly women profiles as seeking quick NSA sex. So far I cannot tell if he is one of these who talks a good game, or really is open to being poly...
If she's going to use men on a trial basis to try out poly for the two of you, then you can't be too surprised if they treat her as a trial run, too, to see how they like it.
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