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You sound very conflicted, almost as if you wish you didn't feel this way. Also the depression seems to still be a big issue. I can't say what is the right path for your relationships, the depression complicates.

Your feelings are real, but because of the way the illness affects so much of life, it's generally not a good idea to make major relationship adjustments until its under control. (Like getting married, moving in, or breaking up) The effect your husband has on your symptoms is wonderful, but he can not "fix" your depression. You probably already know that...

If it were me, I would primarily focus on addressing the depression issue first. I wouldn't trust the sudden change in needs and behavior to make such a big decision that would so strongly affect others lives. How can you know how much of it is about the relationship and how much is about easing the depression? I would also reach out for other forms of support if possible.

All this stuff is easy to say - not so easy to do when living in pain. Whatever you decide, don't feel guilty or regretful. As long as you do your best there is nothing more anyone can ask of you (even yourself!).
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