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As others have posted so beautifully on the time limits I will add a little on the emotional/behavioral restrictions or limits.
Prof and S have a long list of restrictions, including no falling in love. If that is to happen to either of them or an outside partner declares love, then the outside relationship is to be ended.
I had a non-verbal declaration of love from Prof a few weeks ago. I know a fair amount of ASL and he did his own version of I love you using gestures and explanations. I wrote about it in my blog.
Kip and I started out as FBs. He was very clear that if I formed an emotional attachment or he felt he was, then he would end the relationship. This was his personal rule, not something he and his wife came up with. We exchanged versions of "I love you" a little while ago, but have been more vocal about deeply caring for each other, I think we are both more comfortable with that.
I understand the love limit, ( don't necessarily agree) it provides a structure and limits expectations until one sees how the other behaves.
I wouldn't personally try to limit someone else emotions that way, because I don't think you can. My limits are about time and safer sex practices.
Me: mid 40s female. currently in a monogamous partnership with;
Mr Dom: late 40s. 1 year.
Prof: recently ended open relationship.

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