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Kevin T.,

I am NOT being FORCED to do ANYTHING by the Navy, I chose this path in my life and so I choose to go along with the things the Navy asks of me.~

Such laws concerning the state of being without clothing have no foundation for existence without illogical concepts such as "shame".~

I tried to make this clear in my previous post, but I suppose I was too vague then.~ I have no issue with wearing clothing, there are reasons for wearing clothing and there are reasons FOR NOT wearing clothing.~ I DO NOT see illogical concepts such as "shame" that is used to dictate everything it touches as having ANY LOGICAL HEALTHY reason for existing at all.~

No you don't "get" my meaning in my last post concerning women wearing very little clothing.~ I do not know how much more clear I can make it, I typed it plainly there, READ EVERY THING I TYPED FROM TOP TO BOTTOM IN MY LAST POST!~

On your "symbolic interpretations", that's where you make your mistakes in trying to understand my words.~ STOP TRYING TO SEE "SYMBOLIC" MEANINGS IN MY WORDS, THERE ARE NONE!~ I talk literally and every thing I write is LITERAL!~ NOT SYMBOLIC!~

My words of "BUT every one DOES have some 'basic form' of 'respect', like "Don't touch me unless I say you can or I WILL HURT YOU!"" I said LIKE AS IN AN EXAMPLE.~ This example is taken from the most basic of all seemingly natural "mentalities" of all "wild creatures".~

My issue with you is not that we "disagree", my issue with you is that you seem to keep "misunderstanding" my posts by seeing literal words and trying to inject some kind of abstract meaning to them.~

You said, "First of all, if some guy is serious about raping a woman, he has advantages such as greater size and strength and probably a weapon he carries. In a "lesser situation" where some guy is trying to "trick" a girl or women into letting him have his way, he has the advantage of soothing words and approaches. Finally, I see the possibility of a man's touch being innocent or accidental, and then the threatening posturing against him is inappropriate."

Even though this has nothing to do with any thing I have been talking about, I will address this:

While physical differences can be taken into consideration when it comes to confrontation between Humans, please DO NOT make the same mistake that so many seem to make and make sweeping generalizations about certain groups of Humans based upon your own knowledge as your's and any one else's knowledge on such things is limited at best.~

The reason for this is because no two creatures, including individual Humans, are the same and no two circumstances anywhere are ever the same.~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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