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Originally Posted by Cherub View Post
I’m wondering if many poly folk realized that they were “wired for poly” or chose to become polyamorous BEFORE realizing that they were truly in love with two people at the same time, neither of which they were willing to lose?
*raises hand* I started subscribing to a philosophical view that I would later learn to already exist and be called "polyamory" in my late teens, thinking about the question "What is love?" (and no, the answer isn't "baby don't hurt me" ). My first actual relationship, however, didn't happen until I was thirty-two.

I'd never agree to enter a relationship unless it's open right from the start, and I'd definitely identify as poly regardless of the number of people I'm with - zero, one (<< my current sitch for the last five years, and not terribly likely to change soon, mostly because there are very few folks I'm actually compatible with), or more than one. For me, poly is more about rejection of monogamy/exclusivity as a model that does not fit my needs and values, than about any particular lifestyle in actual practice.
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