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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
OMG! It's like arguing with my husband when he creates his own definitions to common terms and goes on to berate anyone who doesn't understand this "new" definition. In most cases (examples people were giving), its the circumstances are the reason limits are created - the terms aren't necessarily interchangeable terms.

If you have kids, you can't just float through life without a calendar. My husband tired this and ended up missing events or needing to be in 3 places at once and we all suffered for it.
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My life is far too busy to not have a schedule.. I don't go by the book per se. But between work, kids, wife, gf, metamour, fitness, fucking, alone time and general life. I barely have time to piss let alone have much wasted time. I can't float like I used to..

There are people in my life who float.. like your husband. Since I can't control them and don't want to.. I just "do".. I am a doer. If they get left out of things, they either learn to keep up and they get left out. Life is far more simple that way. Luckily they understand and either take part or don't..
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