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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Colors-My oldest identifies as having 3 moms and 2 dads. She calls us by "mom" or "dad". But if she's having a REALLY emotional moment (like when she was in labor & when she found out her best friend died) she changes mine to "mommy" with a LOT of emphasis on the end syllable.
When she talks to people who don't know us-she will say my mom, my other mom, my other mom, my dad, my other dad, in completely random order (lol we all take a turn at being the "other").
If she's asking someone who knows us to do something regarding us and we're all in the same place (VERY RARE) she will use our name. But generally one mom and dad live in Alabama, Maca and I are here in Alaska and the other claimed mom is my sister who lives in Alaska but doesn't live in our house any more.

The youngest child-she chose to call Maca daddy and she choose a name for GG. She added "ey" to the end of his given name and added "my" to the beginning and that is her special name for him. As he is her bio-dad and Maca is not-some people get weirded out by it. But the three of us operate on the theory that whatever fits-is what fits and that is what she felt right with. Shrug.

Our Godson calls the guys by their given names. But he calls me his "M'ad". His explanation when he was younger was that I am a mom and a dad to him. Again-OTHER people tilt their heads in confusion, but it works for him, so it works for me. Shrug.

My stepson called me his "2 mommy" for years. I haven't seen him in the last 3, he is officially a runaway from his mothers home. BUT-that was what he called me for a long time and again-that was something he came up with when he was barely 2. It works.

I very much operate from the attitude that kids will think up what is comfortable and most meaningful to them and unless it creates a MAJOR problem-who cares?

It's like pet names.
M'ebe is my name for GG.
He calls me Bebe.
Maca calls me Angel.
I call him My M.

Other people may get confused. But we don't and it works for us.
That's exactly what I mean and 100% agree with you, I just would use my preferences for names for my children if they didn't know or were confused by what to call us and they welcomed some suggestions.~

I however don't want to do what many outsider's may do such as belittle our relationships to our children based upon biological physical connectivity.~

I very much welcome the idea of having a "village" (made up of lovers) help raise our children together and I find the idea wonderful and beautiful!~ ^_^
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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