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Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
What suggestions would you like engaged that have not been?
What do you suggest as a remedy to the issues highlighted?

I think anyone who has followed this thread- Hi Joreth- knows how all involved feel about the various issues raised. I would like to remind everyone that this thread was originally about someone who said "fuck you"- period. Not allowed. Too fucking bad. Is that action to hold a user accountable for their language really evidence of all of this? If dissenting opinions really were being "squelched", would this thread exist, I ask you?
And I would like to remind you that getting points for swearing was not the point of this thread or the point of Joreth's rant. It was all the other things that were brought up in this thread.

I know that I made suggestions in two posts on this thread. At this point I don't care enough to go back and quote them for you.

Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
Of course the moderators behave like humans just like the rest of the members. When a person is feeling misunderstood, attacked, maligned, or just plain disagrees, mod or not, they have a right to voice that on here.
Yep, they do. What I've found interesting is the amount of denying and rebuttal to the points being raised.

Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
I have tried to just follow along and trust that everyone will say their piece and some kind of de-escalation will start to occur through discussion, but alas, the thread continues to spiral out and the tone does not promise resolution of the issues or a respectful agreement to disagree. Everyone here is obviously getting something from the site, or they would not spend any time arguing or opining about it. I can recognize that. Why argue if you don't care. There are a few other things a person could do with their time.
This is a good point. I started off in this thread caring (which is why I posted and didn't leave with Joreth) and finding that I care less and less about this forum and the people on it with each reply, rebuttal and refusal to even acknowledge that perhaps the issues and feelings raised might have some validity.

Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
This thread is no longer about what the OP posted. I am starting a new thread to facilitate (please!)productive discussion about specific issues and suggestions for the forum from anyone who would like to contribute. Let's get our kinks out now so we don't have to use situations such as the OP presented as a platform for our concerns. If we do not come together as a group with a common stake in this forum, the same grievances will come up whenever there is an opportunity. We're all about communication here, no? In any situation, if an issue is not resolved it will fester and crop up at every opportunity. That's just tiring and unproductive.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions here. I think it would be helpful if you do have a concern, to back it up with a suggestion, and let's leave the past bickering in the past and move forward together.

Grow or die, that's what I say.

If I honestly felt that I would be listened to with any of the suggestions I would make or have already made, I would probably find it useful to contribute to that other thread. As it is, I suspect that I would get the same reaction to any thing I suggest there as I've already suggested on this thread.

This was a great chance to "grow or die" as you say and it wasn't taken.
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