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Hey Ms Little,

Well, maybe just a little respect and consideration is a starting point ?
We all know that not everyone in the world is going to click with everyone else - right ? Doesn't have to be a bad thing and lead to drama unless you make it that way.

Your GF DOES like her for whatever reason. You have to respect that if you really care about your GF.

IS it possible for you and the other girl to just - in person - have a short discussion to the effect of...........
Look - you and I are probably never going to be "tight" - we're just too different ! That's ok. It's just who we are.
But our mutual GF DOES care for both of us - and we care for her. We have that in common ! So in that interest (of making HER happy) let's try to give each other a little respect, patience and rope when we need to all be together. It's for her benefit. Let's not let OUR differences be a sore spot in HER life !

Make sense ?

Keep us posted.

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