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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Sounds like really good news to me. I'll be crossing my fingers for things to continue along in that direction.

I'm sure meeting up with hubby would be good for everybody. It helps a lot when you can put a human face on the guy that seemed like such a scary source of competition in the past.

Perhaps swinging is more his thing? Who knows; all people are different.
I have met her hubby. Twice now. We felt like it would be less awkward to meet the kids with just me and her and my daughter. It truly was a nice evening. We made pizza then washed dishes together and we all played Apples to Apples. Her younger child has been somewhat troubled and this morning my gf told me that the girl was happier while I was there than she had been in months. I don't think it was only because I brought her some organic m&ms either. I have a lot of charm. Anyway, by her saying that, I feel like she is welcoming me even more into her family. That's how she said I affected her, made her happier than she had been in a long time and is also the argument she made to her hubby when she first told him about me. I see some correlation there.

The idea of her and her husband swinging gives me very mixed feelings though. Ideologically, I am perfectly fine with them enjoying their sex life in whatever safe manner they choose. Emotionally, I feel like adding more people into the mix takes away from the time that she might have with me and adds more drama into her emotional mix.

She said that she's not interested in swinging anymore and even joked about sabotaging their swing profile but the fact that they even have a profile bothers me. I reckon it's something I have to accept.

The alternative is what I mentioned about helping him find someone because it sounds like it is more the variety than just swinging for him. I do understand that swinging is fundamentally different than meeting someone. There's less emotional involvement and the purpose is much different too but it's not something that he has any experience doing as a single. She was his first.
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