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Couple privilege? I think I am guilty. Old habits don't go away overnight. maybe one reason I showed up, admittedly new and seeking advice.

I read a few of Dagferi's posts, and I noticed the primary and secondary was not something she believes in, but at this stage for us, I am primary. But all my views regarding poly have radically changed in the last 4 months though. I am simply learning as I go.

With regards to their interaction, I feel like I am pretty easy going. They are free to go out together as our schedules allow. We are trying to learn to balance the relationship with our family obligations.I try to pick her up and do all I can to facilitate their alone time. I have assumed loads more around the house parenting and keeping house so they can spend time together. The majority of the time they are together, away from work, I am not around.

Other times things line in a way in which we can go out on three way date, or just do dinner and movie at his place are really enjoyable. for all involved. I am trying to give lots of space and freedom to both of them.
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