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Ugh, sorry you are going through this. These people do not seem ready for any type of poly relationship, let alone a triad! You deserve better than this!

I would trust your gut. Cut and run! Coming from a person in a long term triad, the way I see it is they are treating you with an extreme lack of empathy. You need to have empathy for your partners to make a triad work. They just don't care enough about you to make this happen.

Also, call yourself a unicorn if you want. People on here get their panties in a bunch about unicorns and unicorn hunters. The reality is lots of them have 'failed' poly relationships too, but that is seen as ok. Even to the point relationships where the primary relationship results in divorce due partially to the introduction of poly. It's only when a triad is spoken of that people come down with fire and brimstone. You do you.

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