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Hi RS,

Well - at least this came up before something happened (again?) !
As Ygirl and others have said, I think the sterilization really needs to be considered.
It's crazy that we can send technology across the solar system but still are struggling with what may prove to be one of humanities biggest crisis. Population control and all it's attendant concerns (food supply, abuse, neglect etc.).
Especially with you involved in an alternative lifestyle where a single partner to maybe take the plunge (sterile) doesn't guarantee to address the real issue.
Remember, because there are thousands of women out there who are NOT treating this reality with the care and responsibility you are, there are endless beautiful children that need a good, stable, loving home. If that time comes in your life where you feel prepared to take on motherhood - is it really that important that in be your own genes ?

Lots to think about.

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