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"Sex makes us vulnerable so at the very least, there is a requirement to be in a safe place."
Such as a place where we won't get arrested. See? There I go, making light of the situation again.

"Regarding subtlety in communication. The difficulty is that things that seem clear to the person writing are not ever so clear to the person reading. Both reader and writer view the words on the page through the lens of their own world view and that means that they will see different meaning in the words."
Thank you; that's just what I was trying to get at in my defense.

"This is much more so with written communication than with face to face communication. It's something worth bearing in mind."
Partly because in written communication, I tend to talk too much!

Oh well, I am still listening, and interested in learning.

I guess my official position about nudity is that it's a fine and brave thing to do; but I also don't assume a guy wearing clothes is a self-loathing coward. Everyone can have healthy or unhealthy reasons for what they do, and the effects/consequences can likewise be healthy or unhealthy. I just feel okay about diversity in matters like this.
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