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If you've been poly a good long while, then you know all about unicorn hunting and you understand the jokes--where they come from and how they're good-natured fun. You would also understand that what you posted reeked of unicorn hunting by folks new to poly.

I suspect, based on your choice to take offense at both the humor and the actual support offered thus far, that you've not as much experience as you say, though I could be wrong. I'm sorry that I caused you such distress in the first place because we do want this to be a welcoming place. It is also supposed to be a happy place, so you'll have to forgive us if we try to include people right away in the humorous aspects of poly life.

Indeed, I suspect it much preferable to crack jokes about unicorn hunting as a way to educate new folk than to simply look at them and say "That's unrealistic." The message is the same, while the manner of delivery is light-hearted the one way and not the other.

I realize some folks won't appreciate the humor, and that's OK. To them we can only explain where it comes from and offer our support in their hunt--which is what I've done in this thread. It is certainly your prerogative to take offense at the humor and sniff at the explanation and otherwise snub the attempts to include you; this may not be a good community for you. I'd rather you stick around.

I have to go scan for spam now. Later.
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