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Awesome day yesterday!

Let me back track a bit here. Possibility got out of the hospital last Wednesday after a four day attack of gall stones. His primary partners weren't in the country and one of them had food poisoning so them coming back wasn't feasible. He spent those four days in the hospital, an hour away, totally alone! Not sleeping well at all, on a liquid diet, and utterly lonely! I couldn't go because of work and transportation costs and I was cat sitting. The cats were at their place and with our transportation system.....let's just say I would have gotten to the hospital in time to turn around and come back home. Any way, I borrowed a vehicle so we could go pick him up *joy*. He was pacing the hallway and practically ran to give me a hug. He buried his head in my shoulder and would have cried, I think, if it hadn't been such a public place.

We got back to town and got the man fed with REAL food and took him home so he could get a shower and the first good night's rest since his partners left on vacation.

His liver numbers were way, WAY out of whack. He was slightly yellow/gray because of it. The numbers are coming down and more blood tests are ordered so they can monitor it and intervene if they don't come down to within acceptable levels soon.

We both had yesterday off--his normal day off and I took this week as paid vacation since it's March/Spring break so I can spend time with the kids as well, and decided Monday would be good since his partners are due back tonight so we wouldn't get our weekly night in if we didn't do it then.

I went over there yesterday morning & got to spend the WHOLE day with him! We didn't have anything planned other than a walk to the library and to watch some of The 4400, both of which we did, as well as a trip to the grocery store and Subway so I could finally get some food into me before the dreaded headache set in.

It was cuddles, quiet times, relaxing & just......I don't really know how to explain it really. He played his video games while I watched, I read, we Watched some of The 4400 *sigh*

I DO enjoy watching OTHERS play video games. It's relaxing for me for some reason. One of my very first dates was to an arcade, lol, For some reason this surprised and amused him, lol. If I'm having trouble falling asleep I'll ask Sir to boot up one of His games and just lie there and watch until my brain is relaxed enough to enable me to sleep.

I was planning on coming home around 3, got there around 9, but Sir called and said he was still at work & didn't know when He'd be home. Sir called again when He got home and asked me to stop at the store & didn't really tell me when to be home, He just asked that I be home by 8 so we could watch Chuck together. *sigh*

All happy, happy, joy, joy yesterday.

I got home before 8 and got to sit there and watch Sir play DDO (which I do play when I'm in the mood for frustration and killing) while I told Him about my day .

Yup, good day .

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