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Originally Posted by Eslynne View Post
When I refer to them in plural I just say "my men", which works in plural, not so much in singular, though I could see it working with females - "these are my ladies" or "my lady". "My man" has almost a misogynistic ring to it, to me; so while I appreciate the sound of it (I think it sounds possessive) in private, it sounds funny to me in public.
When I talk about the two of them, I frequently refer to GG and Maca as "the guys".
In an odd twist "the boys" refers to my two grandsons.
"The girls" refers to the two sisters I regular babysat the last 12 years.

(obviously the three sets are all unrelated to one another; but it seems simple in my mind when there is a duo to do that...)
"The kids" generally refers to all of the kids I claim (which includes the grandsons and the girls as well as my 3 bio, 1 step and 1 godson).
But "my kids" refers to the 5 (3 bio, 1 step and 1 godson) in some circles and in other circles it includes whichever kids are currently present with me...

So convoluted!

Of course Maca is "My M" most of the time in OUR conversations and when I talk to family about him he's M or a special name his dad and I use. With the kids he's "dad" or "daddy" in conversation and when I am talking to the boys I refer to him as "papa".
GG is M'ebe in OUR conversations. His given name when I'm talking to someone who knows him. If they don't know him he could be my boyfriend or my best friend or my partner depending on the context. I'm never closeted about our romantic relationship, but all three of those labels fits-so I use them interchangably and so does he. And when introducing his OTHER best friend I introduce him as GG's "other best friend Getsui"... The kids all call him different things. The oldest calls him N'uncle. The youngest calls him "MY GG" and never forgets the "my" in front of it. She's very particular about that. The middle kids call him uncle.
When OTHER people find that bizarre (after hearing them refer to him as uncle and knowing he is my lover) I simply point out to them that I don't pigeon hole the kids into labeling their loved ones based upon MY relationship to them.

Ok-that was meandering.
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