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Dear Ry,

Would you please explain to ColorsWolf why time limitations are a valid kind of limitation on the practice of love Huge sigh, cancel that, not only would he not get it, I'm not sure he'd even notice your post. He's a little preoccupied with coming up with new thread titles and heavy topics that sound like, "Whoah, dude, that is heavy, if only I could wrap my mind around that."

Meanwhile, the self-limiting (self-hating) majority of the population obsesses itself with trivial emotional issues like time and sex management, while missing the whole point of logical things like free love and going with the flow. We definitely need more marijuana to get our mindsets into the right places for *true* contemplation of what logical issues (and we all know what they are) would prevent our species from destroying itself over mis-matching T-shirts.

It's real simple.
  • Love = good.
  • Good = no limitations.
The only oddity in this is that the relationship anarchists I know of seem to have their blocks steered on pretty straight, and deal with the limitations that do exist with objectivity and calm. Guess they're not smoking their magic pipes?

I am such a bully when it comes to making fun of people. I'll just have to hope people can laugh at themselves and say, "I was a little stoned, wasn't I?"

Not a hard concept:
  • Love = limitless.
  • Time = limited by mortality.
Does it need more explanation? Help me out here, if anyone can.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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