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Hello Ceoli...I get your frustration. I would guess that most poly situations mostly arise out of couples who feel somehow incomplete in their primary relationship and want to open up their hearts and minds to new experiences. Singles, on the other hand, are free to sleep around and have multiple relationships all the time. There are no concrete ties to anyone. To many poly people, having many lovers vs. many loves are two completely different things. I would think you must first have one deep love in your life. One committment, therefore you are a couple, first. After that, may come the true poly aspect of your life. As a single, it is probably very difficult to meet up first with another like minded single and head right off into polyamory. Again, if you're single, it's looked at as just hooking up. I applaud that you are single and already know how you are and how you want to live your life, that is if you are really talking poly and not just being in an open relationship. They are two very different things. Good luck in your search.
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