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Default Being confused never helps anything

Originally Posted by london View Post
You have to beat down that core part of you that wants monogamy. Kill it dead. After that, you should be numb and apathetic enough not to care. You'll also feel devalued, miserable and not quite yourself though.
so you might not want to confuse monogamy with jealousy.

It's a mistake to paint one way to have a relationship as bad, or something it obviously is not. Such thinking is exactly the idiocy that caused society to wrongly afflict people who chose any sort of non-monogamy.

I can understand being upset at those who hurt you, but engaging in the same behavior only implies that you cannot taught important lessons in life. When fail to learn these lessons after being oppressed, it's pretty hopeless you will learn from being the oppressor.

Until you've been wrongfully afflicted or oppressed, this is still a good chance you will be able to learn right from wrong when the tables are turned

and there is a difference between people who don't know right from wrong and those who knowingly choose to do wrong.

Non-monogamy and polyamory are not relationship dynamics where there is no such thing as jealousy, for many people it is an ability to get along with and understand your partners and your metamours

being involved with people who intentionally misunderstand you or refuse to listen by discounting your emotions when you attempt to share them, is a recipe for disaster

esp if you feel like you favor monogamy. Polyamory is not the ability to let your lover fuck other people without breaking up with them

it is an ability to understand your partners so that your are not left to "just deal with it"

Believe or not, people in healthy monogamous relationships are better equipped to deal with jealousy than people in unhealthy polyamorous relationships.

Pretending that a relationship is free from jealousy because you are seeing more than one person or that another persons relationship is fraught with jealousy because it's monogamous, is actually fairly ignorant

Are you pissed off about something London?

that's not the sort of ideas I typically hear from you, what gives?
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