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So-do you mean limits as in-rules against certain things. Or do you mean limits in its broader sense.
Because I agree with Ariakas. Life creates limits when we make choices.
If I choose to go to town today, I am limited by not being in the valley. If I choose to stay in the valley, can am limited by not being in town.

Likewise, if I choose to attend all of my children's life events, I am limited in my ability to be having sex during those times BECAUSE I do not choose to subject my children to that behavior. This means I am limited because of my own chosen priorities.

Likewise-in my relationships, we all have similar priorities (though not identical) the ones that are the same, include attending all of the kids events. THAT MEANS that anyone who wants to date one of us but DOES NOT want contact with the rest of us is limited by OUR priority to be at our children's events-because we WILL all be there. So they can't go if they want to avoid one or another of us. Now this isn't a "rule". It's just a reality of the consequences of limitations that come with our personal priorities which happen to align.
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