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I have a hard time thinking about what you write, because I see you combining open and closed with limits and limitations. I think they're different things.

My time is limited. I'm married and like spending time with my wife, I've got kids and do active parenting, I've got someone that my wife and I are both really hungry to spend as much time with as possible, I've got a long distance relationship which involves a lot of communication, I try to keep my body in shape, I try to keep in touch with my large and spread-out family, I've got work, ...

What you might call limits (and what might sound like it when I write) are priorities. There are only so many hours in a day. I suppose that having the priorities I have, while feeling sated with the love(rs) in my life, means I'm in a closed relationship... but, um, three of them? So no, the words don't really match up at all. I have limitations on my time, but that doesn't affect how closed or open I am in my relationships.

Not sure I'm making sense, but in part because I don't feel the question as posed makes sense to me. Can you clarify?
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