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Thanks for moving my post over here to the blog section. I simply need a place to write about what's going on for me. It helps and thanks again for all the comments.

The latest update is good. She has invited me over to meet her kids (while hubby is out of town to minimize awkwardness). Still no overnights but lots and lots of pillow talk last night.

It was a hard couple of days here though. Her husband also wants more excitement but is so introverted that he finds it difficult to meet people. In the past, she said that she functioned as a crutch to get him any action, in the swingers scene. She doesn't want to do that anymore but all of a sudden now he does. She claims she has enough with just me and him but would like him to find someone too. I'm looking forward to getting to know him better because I am great at meeting people and I could help him with that. I think we're getting there.

The other good news is that she has twice now mentioned that I may get those overnights soon. I asked for the moon and suggested every other night but would settle for a couple nights a week. I'm in a state of disbelief. I never expected it to progress even this far. Such a wild ride.
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