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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I see poly as having two manifestations that cover all of the different multi-partner relationships.

A) Poly that happens
B) Poly that is found

Poly that happens is where a relationship forms naturally between partners without the intent or awareness of "poly" itself. The multi partner connection precedes the ideology of poly.

Poly that is found is sought out. The ideology of poly precedes the multi partner connections.

One occurs unconsciously without effort, the other is a conscious effort.

But I'm not poly so what do I know
Yeah, that pretty much agrees with what I'm saying. I am type B, most everyone else here seems to be type A.

The most likely reason for the rarity of the B types is because society considers it "wrong", so it never occurs to most people. It occurs to the type A people because they have a need for it. If the stigma ever went away, there could be a lot more B types. People could go into the dating scene with the intent to be poly. Which is exactly what the DPG is. Forming multiple relationships simply because you want to be polyamorous.

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