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Originally Posted by saudade View Post
While I'm already chiming in, I'll echo points made by Lemondrop and CielDuMatin... If your DPG is what you want to do with the people who enter your life, great! I wish you the best of luck in implementing a system that works for you! If you're hoping that DPG will become some sort of large, over-arching system to encompass many many poly individuals, then you're still welcome to attempt it, but my two cents are that it doesn't feel workable for myself or my partners, and so we're not interested. Thanks anyway!
It's not really intended for existing poly people, but for those who want to start from scratch, converting from existing mono relationships. Also the actual topology is totally dynamic. The makeup of the DPGs are depends entirely on who connects with who. Each can be small or huge. Two separate DPGs can combine if a relationship is formed between persons from both.
I'd also like to add that something in your language, jackrabbit, has been picking at me, and I just figured out what it is. Your use of the word "fall" when describing how many poly people enter relationships... it just feels accidental. 'Whoops, I wound up here! Better dust off and keep going...' While many people do discover the idea of polyamory by winding up interested in two people, or winding up interested in someone who identifies as poly, it still takes a LOT of work to be in a poly relationship,
The "fall" part just means that it was not something you intended from the beginning, before even meeting the people you wound up in relationships with. It is accidental in the sense that you never intended to want multiple relationships at the same time. I assume not, anyway. If you did, the fall part doesn't apply to you. I was talking about falling into poly, not falling into the relationships.

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