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I hear ya loud and clear on that one... I have been focusing on them both, and reassuring both of them in regard to their importance to me. I know Sylvia isn't ready to date others, but I went with Oliver to the mall with a girl she's been courting yesterday. This poor girl is stuck in a rather doomed relationship and Oliver has been trying to bring her out of her shell a bit, and I mentioned I'd be happy to lend my support in this effort. We had fun (I could tell this new girl was nervous) and made tentative plans to do so again sometime. I hope that if Oliver begins to date someone else it'll help assuage her unease concerning Sylvia and me.

I've talked to both Oliver and Sylvia about the twinges of jealousy I've felt from both of them. I know Sylvia is attracted to Oliver, but the feelings aren't mutual, and this makes him sad. All things considered, he's being really awesome and supportive about the whole thing. He's let me cry on his shoulder about minor issues I've had with Oliver, and is always eager for me to tell him anything.

I'm really tired now so this response might not be as targeted as I'd like, but I think things will get better with Oliver. She's asked me about Jackie since I posted initially, so I'm under the impression it'll all just take time.
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