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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
And there it is in a nutshell!

As I said back in post 4 of this thread - find what works for you and see if others share those goals. If they don't then maybe it's time to re-examine your "ideal" situation and see if things can be modified based on the feedback you are getting.

Now you see what I mean, hopefully.

When you wrote
I really think it's important to note that this is ONE way of doing it, an example, if you like, rather than some universal ideal that we should all be striving for. Some of what you have written in your blog has a bit of that tone to it when I read it and if I can interpret it this way, I'm sure others will.
Certainly it is just one way of doing it. When I said "I really intended it for everyone", I simply meant that the idea be available to everyone. This was in direct response to your assumption that I had developed the concept just for myself and any possible partners that I find for myself, and that no one else would ever see it.

From the introduction:
The DPG doesn't make any declarations about polyamory itself, it just provides a framework for people to form and maintain polyamorous relationships with new people. It suggests procedures to follow for safety and preventing possible problems before they occur.
A framework, not the framework. Any instructions or "you ought to" statements are assumed to be directed at those who are interested in following that framework. The blog makes absolutely no comments about how polyamory itself should be implemented. Nowhere does it suggest that everyone should do anything. (Except perhaps some of the comments about safety.)

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