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Originally Posted by jackrabbit View Post
I think there is room for both philosophies. There are enough people in the world for the two camps to grow and never conflict/overlap with each other.
And there it is in a nutshell!

As I said back in post 4 of this thread - find what works for you and see if others share those goals. If they don't then maybe it's time to re-examine your "ideal" situation and see if things can be modified based on the feedback you are getting.

Now you see what I mean, hopefully.

When you wrote
Well, certainly that is a goal, but I really intended it for everyone, to promote the idea of polyamory itself.
I really think it's important to note that this is ONE way of doing it, an example, if you like, rather than some universal ideal that we should all be striving for. Some of what you have written in your blog has a bit of that tone to it when I read it and if I can interpret it this way, I'm sure others will.

Poly folk tend to be very leery (due to previous experiences) of people telling anyone "here's how everyone should do poly", or anything that hints at that. They tend to be given the nickname "One True Wayers" - I think that it's important when communicating with poly folk and even the public at large, that a large amount of emphasis be given to the idea that this is one way of many.

Do you get my drift?

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