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Default Jealoucy sometimes sneeks up on us.

Originally Posted by keymasterryuko View Post
How do you get rid of jealousy? That has to be a good way to start.
Not sure how to get 'Rid' of jealousy, but I only once in my life had true feelings of jealousy. I had a girlfriend who wanted so bad, to be with 2 guys at the same time. She Never experienced it, and I gave that to her. I got a friend to come over one night, and didn't tell him what we were up to. We snuck off into the bedroom and started making love, rather loudly, and he went around the corner of the bedroom to 'Listen In'. It turned her on and drove her nuts, knowing he was likely shagging it to our sounds, so I told her to quietly go out to him, and around the corner, and 'Help him' a bit before bringing him into the room with us. That way he wasn't thrown into the situation all at once...

What she didn't know, and I never told her, was that I followed her out, peeking around the corner, to watch them go at it a bit, and to see the look of surprise on his face. I waited a few minutes, and peeked out when I heard him moan a bit, the thought of watching her go at it with another guy, like a 'Live Porn' scene, but when I looked, she was sucking on him wildly, and enjoying herself greatly.

At that moment, I suddenly, and without warning, instead felt an immense wave of jealousy in its full fury. It came from nowhere, and was totally unexpected. I had to remind myself more than once, that I was the one that sent her to him, and tried to swallow it. It was difficult, but I did so, and looked out again. This time, she saw me look out, so i gestured for her to bring him in. I jumped back into bed, and she jumped on top of me, bringing him to her, him standing up. We all had a great night, and the three-some we enjoyed was really wonderful.

We had 3-way sex many, many times after that, and I never felt that way again, but never forgot it. I did not ask or expect that feeling to overwhelm me, but it did that night. I did however learn to get a hold of myself and shove it aside, because If I hadn't, I think things would have been disastrous for all of us. The most intense 'turn-ons' in my life were when we were 3-way-ing it. It is certainly an experience worth perusing, even if it was 2 straight guys and one girl.

Just some thoughts on it,...Dstoned

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