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I'll address that post later, when I have more time. For right now:

It appears that a lot of this discussion (with everyone) has to do with conflicting philosophies. I'm getting the impression that a lot of people here (maybe all) find that poly is a way to achieve something you already want: additional relationship(s) with particular person(s) you already know. In other words, you sort of fall into it. You already want the relationship, society says no, and you tell society to shove it and have the relationship anyway. Is this a reasonable assessment, at least for most?

In contrast, I love the idea of poly itself, and don't have anyone in mind for it yet. I would be seeking out candidates, in exactly the same way that most people go dating to seek out candidates for traditional monogamous marriage. I just wouldn't stop after one. Someone who likes the idea of the DPG would probably have the same orientation.

I think there is room for both philosophies. There are enough people in the world for the two camps to grow and never conflict/overlap with each other.

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