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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
One thing I am harping on lately is, when you are poly it's (relatively) easy to fall in love. But actually nurturing and sustaining a relationship, that's the harder but crucial bit. It could be the issues you are having, it could be others. But the only way to work things out is to have many many open, painfully honest talks. If they don't feel they "need" to talk about their emotions like you do, guess what? If they want to keep you, they do need to. They need to hear you, they need to think deeply about what having you in their lives long term will look like.
Thank you. This response felt very well-balanced and realistic. I realize after reading this that the only way I'll be able to navigate my emotions is by having an honest discussion with her. I'm trying to work up the nerve to do it tonight. I'm trying very hard to do what's right. And for now, that may be just taking things a step at a time. The things that she has to say may very well determine what my next move is. I'm trying to keep a clear head. I know that even if we go our separate ways, I will forever be grateful for the experience of loving her.
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