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My birthday came and went, and the details of what happened are our secret, but I will say this, as it is an appropriate part of the story,...I did in fact 'Send her to the moon and beyond the stars',...her not knowing such sexual pleasure and bliss could exist,...repeatedly that night, and made wonderful, beautiful love to my wife after, her daughter passed out asleep at the other end of the room. Its strange, the actual slow, intimate 'Love Making' session with my wife was actually extra special that night as well, and has been ever since.

The 3 of us, felt so much better in the following weeks, like a burden had been lifted in our new relationship. Our hiccup had been solved, and we loved one another more than ever, but it wasn't long before my wife and I could tell that the relationship between me, and her daughter had developed into a true loving one. It progressed slowly over the next several months, my wife seeing, on occasion that her daughter could use some 'Alone' time with me, giving her permission to take me into her room for the evening on occasion. Its funny,... Suddenly, and overnight, that single event of sexual deviancy, brought the two of them very close to one another. Talking and giggling, and telling stories, cuddling up on either side of me, teasing me often. My wife admitted to me that she still felt 'Trapped' a bit with no real control of the situation, but that she felt she finally had a daughter. She finally started becoming 'Best Friends' with her, and they finally stopped arguing and fighting. There was nothing but love and happiness. Her daughter, as well, felt like this huge burden of not having any purpose lifted from her, and that her mother finally accepted her for who she truly is, and that they could literally tell and discuss anything with each other, nothing held back. Myself, I tried NOT to take advantage of either one of them, keeping everything in the open, going out of my way to show both of them that I loved them, and that my love was real and unbending. It, for me was not a sexual thing, but a very loving intimate thing, where her daughters 'Borrowing Me' on occasion events lensed itself to true love and companionship in short order. Now, 6 years+ later, her 24, I am hopelessly, and totally in love with BOTH of them, and cannot do without either one of them. I, and my wife's daughter were faced with this recently, as she has been getting very, very lonely here lately, because she is at home by herself, and has been for about 2 years year now. My wife and I have changed careers, and are professional team drivers, and stay out about 2 months at a time, the daughter at home, away from us. She recently met another guy, and I told her that I would never hold her back from who she is. It would be unfair to her. She had been interested in him for a few weeks, and went out with him for an entire day/evening. She did want me to tell him up front that we were intimate, and had been for years, so he didn't get any unexpected surprises. He tried not to be judgmental, and they both had a great time, but at the end of the evening, she realized that she truly, and faithfully, belongs to me, and wishes nothing else. Myself, I did quietly let her go out with someone else, but it tore me up deeply inside the whole time she was with him. I know she is vulnerable to companionship, especially being alone all the time now, and it wouldn't take much for her to 'find' someone else, as she is an absolutely beautiful woman, just like her mother. I would silently let her go if she chooses, but I don't think I could ever get over her if she did. To me, It would be no less than loosing my wife, who I absolutely love too. My wife has never been in an open relationship, nor knew they even really existed before meeting me, and still gets feelings of slight jealousy/disappointment on occasion, not so much for the fact I love, and make love to them both, but I think, simply for the fact that she feels like I am holding her daughter back from a different, more fulfilling life. I in fact hold no one back, but she has trouble I think, comprehending that her daughter actually needs no one else, but rather just simply wants BOTH of us in her life on a more full time basis. She has expressed to me many times that she neither, could live with just me, or her, but needs the BOTH of us. Being home alone is getting old, and she wants us BOTH to come home on a more permanent basis, so that we can all be ONE again with each other. Laughing, and cuddling, and loving one another without restrictions full time.

I am working very, very hard toward this very goal so that all of us can be together again full time, by 2015. My wife's son accepts our tangled relationship, and is proud of who he is, and of all of us. He looks up to me, and yes, I stick my boot out toward him keeping a good job, but now he is becoming his own man very quickly. I tell him I love him too, but in a manly kinda way, and on occasion, he does the same toward me. The 4 of us as a group get along incredibly well, and we are proud of who we are and what we have together. Since we met the first time, up until now, my wife and I have never really argued about anything (except how to back up the truck one time, lol), especially matters of relationship, money, sex, or anything else. This I think in itself is rare, and to add a complex polyamous relationship to the mix only makes us stronger and more loving as a group. I am a firm believer now, that love, deep, unconditional love, spreads and promotes more love.
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