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It was a terrible experience for her. She got married to her first husband (their father), a virgin, and on their wedding night, as she went into the hotel room where he had been waiting already, she no more than got in the door, and he attacked her, forcing himself on her, raping her harshly and violently, right at face of the now closed door. Crying and hurting badly now down there, he told her to 'Get Over It'!!. Turns out, for the first 4 years of their marriage, he basically raped her without warning whenever he saw fit. She was young, and didn't actually know any better, because in the country they lived in, rape is NOT a crime if you are married. The conversation turned back to me again, this time from my wife, asking me if I had ever been with a virgin, and how I handled it. I told her a long story about the only time I had that chance with a girl, when I was a teenager, and that I started to have sex with her, but was so afraid of hurting her, I stopped just short of that special moment. It was only a couple minutes after that, when she said it was OK for me to go ahead, the girls mother walked in on us, and,...well,..I never had that change again. The sad part of that story, is that the girl's older teenage stepbrother raped her, and took her virginity, 2 days later. It was a regret I never lived down, knowing that at least if we had had sex, she wouldn't have had her step-brother take her virginity,...--,...At the finish of my childhood story, What I saw at that moment,....was a mistake,...You could see the light bulb in her head go off,...My wife's daughter's face lit up, and it was obvious. It was also obvious, that my mouth had run a little too much about my past. This was NOT something I should have told in front of her. From that moment on, she was determined, and thought if anyone deserved a second chance at 'That Moment', it was me, and she could provide it. Our harmonious family relationship now had a flaw that could not be settled. One that was out in the open, with overwhelming unspoken temptation that would not go away unless something gave in. It was ignored for a while, and I held my ground, and loved my wife's daughter as best I could, hugs and cuddles, and nothing more, but it would not go away,...and my wife knew it. Now, in my wife's daughter's eyes, not only was I the light at the end of her suicidal tunnel (she felt I gave her purpose), but now the answer for a long road of self sexual satisfaction, combined with a real sense of 'I can give you something very special'. I used to talk to her for hours about why it would not be appropriate for this to happen. What ended up happening is that she now started telling me many things from her childhood about why she was the way she was. She confided in me, and held nothing back. I was her 'Keeper', and now her boyfriend, and not her stepfather at all. She wanted no other companions, and she liked the idea of me being already 'Taken' by someone else, so she could have her space and freedom, not being totally bound. I did not know how to handle this now, semi-stressful, awkward situation, and my wife, didn't either. She and I would talk about it as well, and my wife felt trapped into this situation with no say or solution, but she did not want to give up either of us. She knew though, given enough time, either her daughter was going to have to find someone else, and get these things out of her head, and out of our house, or the inevitable would likely happen. She knew that for now, I was resistant, but weakened by the temptation, and I told her that I, as a man, and living in such proximity full time, would have much trouble handling an open invitation to her. It was just an awkward situation that could not be taken back, or undone at the time, so we all decided to keep our activity, no matter how subtle, in the open with each other in the meantime. No sneaking off, or 'Closed Door' activity much. Keep each other informed about our cuddle sessions and conversations. This worked a while longer, but my birthday was coming up. My wife's daughter wanted to give me her virginity for my birthday, and meant it. They even argued about it openly, It became well known among the 3 of us, and my wife and I discussed it many times. The decision was to just get it out,...if thats what she truly wants, give me that gift, of herself, and to take the consequences with her, carrying them the rest of her life, all regrets or not,...then OK. But my wife did not think it appropriate that it happen in secret, because that leads to more secret things, and I agreed.

It was decided, after many hours of discussion together, that the 3 of us would lock ourselves in the bedroom together one night, and my wife would guide her in the ways of having sex, in all its glory, and technique, using me as the model. It was to be a 'Technical' thing to her, and not a love-making session. At the end of it, her daughter could give her virginity to me, but I had to promise my wife that I would not hurt or rape her as her ex-husband did to her. That I would make it, instead, the most wonderful experience for her that I could give her. This way, she could at least never experience what her mother had to endure, and not have to suffer the consequences of some boyfriend that could get her pregnant, then leave her, or something stupid. I guess it didn't help to avoid ending up in this situation, the fact that I am, and have been 'Fixed' for many years, and cannot have children.,...
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