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I was very, very proud of myself for doing the right thing with her after she told this to me. I now understood the value of such a thing, and that the consequences of desire have no place, or right, interfering with someone's future or self esteem. I knew without doubt now, it would have been wrong, and understood the full meaning of 'Some Doors Should Not Be Opened'. I ended up marrying her mother because she had no health insurance, because she needed major surgery. The HMO denied health care anyways, and basically told her to go off and die, but thats a whole other story. A year after that fiasco, I met someone I finally wanted to be with. I fell totally in love with her, and she with me, but she was from another country. This meant we had to get married to be together. My roommate thought it was great I finally met and fell in love with someone, and encouraged it,...but,....wait,....realized one day, she would have to go. She turned against me with a vengeance toward the end, and I had to pay dearly, as the judge that divorced us told me what we did was attempted insurance fraud,...but it all worked out in the end. The woman I totally fell in love with had 2 children (soon to be adults), so we considered their feelings heavily before making any sudden moves. I spent time on-line with them, and her every day (As I traveled constantly), and we all got along great. 3 months later (Quick, I know), I just told her to pack up and move to the states. We got married, as it was the only way we could be together, and started a wonderful life together. Her son was 15, and daughter was 16, about to be 17. I like to cuddle and am very affectionate (not kidding here), and we all got along fantastic. Their actual father neglected them, literally, a gambling bosser looser, who was just terrible to them. They, especially my wife, and her daughter, were not used to such kindness, respect, and physical attention. In our eyes, we were the happiest family on the planet. My wife even said to me and others, that the love scenes she saw on TV, where people found their 'Perfect True Love', the ones that make tears come to your eyes,...she thought were just TV love scenes, but now she knows they are real. That type of love is actually possible. Her daughter and son, grew to love me very quickly as well, and it was obvious, very fast, that her daughter could not get enough of my affection, clinging to me like a magnet all the time. I loved it,...I was in cuddle-heaven non-stop by all of them, but it was obvious that her constant clinging to me was much more than just 'Make-Up' from years of daughterly neglect. She actually started falling in love with me, and it was very clear it wasn't, and hadn't been a Father-daughter, type of affection at all. She had never been 'Loved' by anyone, nor ever had a boyfriend, or guy at school 'like' her in that way. She also had an unstable personality, and had actually tried to commit suicide, cutting her wrists once. To top it off, she had a personal, vaginally external, sexual appetite that was hard for her to satisfy on her own. Yes she was still a virgin, but she could not stand the fact that she was. The one rule she said she would not brake was that she would NOT loose her virginity to herself, or an object, that just wouldn't be right. This made a recipe for disaster in our new family very quickly, and I knew it. I sat her down, and talked to her,...repeatedly,...telling her stories of my past, and the story of my 'still considered' ex-wife's stepdaughter. Explaining to her that her road toward me is not one that I would be willing to take, Especially in secret, and that EVERYTHING we talked about was going to be discussed with her mother. We would all sit down together and talk about things, but It didn't matter. She loved me greatly, and her mother (my wife now) knew it. Her and her mother did not get along at all, arguing and bickering, even before they had met me, and her mother and I decided that she would be a problem if she started going out to meet other guys, because it was obvious with her personality disturbance and self destructive nature, she would not be able to control herself, and if it went bad for her, she would be no further ahead, but instead could possibly try to commit suicide again. It was also obvious that for her, the daughter, I had now suddenly become that light at the end of that long tunnel of self disturbance within her. The 3 of us decided that if her exterior 'sexual satisfaction' was something she needed regularly, then there were toys for that that we could get her, so she didn't need to go out and find someone. When she turned 18, We went to some adult stores together, and got her a couple very nice, expensive toys, but nothing she could loose her virginity to, that would just be wrong. My first (ex) wife had tons of toys and was severely DE-sensitized by them, so I took the time to show my wife how to use them in a manner that didn't cause her to DE-sensitize herself so easily, as she had never seen such things either, and told her to go and show her daughter, I wasn't about to do something like that. Things quieted down after that, and we were close again as a family, being able to cuddle, love, and enjoy each other in a normal way, witch was nice after that,...for a while anyways, but it didn't last. I got heavily buzzed one night, drinking beer, and we were telling stories about our past, several hours into the night, and her daughter asked me if I had ever been with a 'Virgin' before, and how much it hurt, etc. Her mother told all of us the story of her virginity loss. She had never told anyone about it before...

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