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Default my real story of polyamory love...

How did I end up here?,...

Well, the word .polyamory, or Poly, to me, seems to describe best, my(our) relationship/marriage/lifestyle. In its most basic form, I am a guy, who 'Technically' is, and has been, for 6+ years now, in a wonderful, and yes, very intimate relationship with my loving wife, and her adult daughter (in our household, I despise the word stepdaughter). I suppose, at first glance, many would view this as creepy or wrong, Even morally Incestuous perhaps, but that is the cold, judgmental outsiders view of those who do not know us. Others would look upon this type of relationship as Me (The Guy), simply taking advantage of the 'Stepfather/Stepdaughter' relationship that is all too familiar, told time and time again across the Internet, where attraction to the 'Younger and/or More Beautiful' live-in just could not be resisted. Personally, at first glance, even I would normally be as sickened by this type of family activity, passing it off as some 'Sick Male Fantasy', destined for destruction, resulting in jealousy, Divorce, and most unfortunately, mental damage to the stepdaughter in the end, so the question now, is 'How did I, a normally resistant, reasonable person, end up in such a situation?'. This is my 3rd marriage officially, and ironically, I avoided and resisted, in my second marriage, this very thing from happening. Starting there would be more appropriate I suppose, in this long story of love and life that I am about to tell, so I will begin there...

After my first divorce, and being treated like total garbage by my first, very demanding, very self centered, selfish wife, I swore I would never marry again. I was convinced that Marriage itself, was the downfall of any relationship, where neither party had to 'Impress and Respect' each other any more, because neither could just walk away so easily if the other did something distasteful. After my first divorce, I landed a career that included full time worldwide travel (lucky me), and yes, I was a true 'Bad-Boy' with many part-time girlfriends, but I never hid my relationships. Being gone all the time, landed me with my house being broken into, and burned to the ground by thieves. I lost everything, and all that I had worked for, and oh yeah,...the insurance company told me, still have to pay off the house. I ended up living with one of those 'Part-Time' girlfriends, nearby but we didn't hit it off very well. We were just too different, but we stayed together nonetheless, simply out of convenience. We didn't even sleep in the same room together, and only 'tried' to have sex a couple times, where it just didn't work for me. Go figure the irony of that. Well anyways, she lost her job, and I was never there, traveling away, seeing girlfriends, and going out, all open to her, as we were now just autonomous roomies. I told her I would take care of the bills, no biggie on the job. She had an 18-yr old daughter that eventually came to visit regularly, and I, being a bad-boy already, was attracted to her physically, but not emotionally in a BF/GF way, so I kept my distance. Several years of living together, unmarried, just as roommates, we had a pretty good friendship, and her daughter grew to like me a little too much there for a time. She considered me her 'Step-Dad', even though her mother and I were not married because I gave her lots of attention when she was over. I actually fell into the role somewhat naturally as well, and still consider her to this day a 'Stepdaughter'. Yes, she teased me, walking around in panties, etc...I am an affectionate guy anyways who cannot get enough hugs and cuddles, so lots of that went on, but the temptation for sex was not at interest, believe it or not, and I think that is what pushed her to tease me. I think she had some uncertainty to her 'attractiveness', not sure. She was a virgin, and she would ask me about sex, and wanted me to tell her about how men 'think', and all things sexual between men and women, every detail, position, how-to, etc. I hold nothing back in who I am, nor am secretive about things, and she was an adult (21 by now). I would tell her about how men are lustful, and even pointed out to her that she turned me on once in a while when she was running around half dressed, and her naiveness and beauty itself was difficult to resist sometimes. We became very close, and I could tell she was ready for me at one point if I wanted her. It confused me greatly, and I did not know what to do. The 'Manly' part of me wanted her very much, especially on those days we would cuddle, and she would rub herself up and down against my leg very subtly and gently, hoping I wouldn't notice too much, telling me she loved me. I knew it wouldn't take much persuasion to get her in bed, but the reasonable, more sane part of me, said 'Its Taboo'. So young, and considered a stepdaughter. It literally tore me apart in my head for a while, so I sought outside opinion, as I knew my own was very unstable. After all, her mother and I were NOT married, and we were NOT intimate, and hadn't been for years. In the end, despite finding out that it was in fact 'Common' for this type of thing to happen, I resisted her, because of something very profound a friend that I had met told me. He actually was in the same situation several years prior, with not only one stepdaughter, but 4. He told me -- There are some doors that once they are open, cannot be closed again,... Some of the things we do in this world, once done, cannot be undone. Once you see something, you cannot UN-see it. Maybe not for you, but if she regrets it later,...And believe me, she will,...she, nor you, can 'Undo it', and fix it. What will she tell her future husband about how she lost her virginity?,...or where she learned to have sex?,... -- His point was clear, and it straightened my head right out. I stopped cuddling with her so much, but would still tease her verbally, letting her know she was attractive, so she wouldn't think I was rejecting her. A couple years later, college, she met the love of her life, and married him. She said to me on her next visit, during the holidays, thank you,...Thank you for not taking advantage of me when you could have,...I Married and loved as a true virgin, with my true love, and nothing in the world could have ever come close to that moment my new husband and I shared together. Moments like that happen only once in a lifetime, and are cherished forever. Nothing could have ever been more perfect and beautiful,...thank you for not taking that away from me.

(continued next post...)
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