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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
You say you wonder where things are "going to go."

Well, what does that mean exactly? Your wife seeing him more often? Going away on weekends? Meeting your families and vice versa? Moving in together?

Maybe he's fine with whatever the arrangement is now. Does your wife want more? Is he comfortable with you being bi? If you have sexy time all 3 of you, do you/she/him want that more often? Less?

Gotta be specific.
Last night as I tucked her in, we had a conversation in which she said she feared her heart would be broken by him, and that is what prompted my post. There is no commitment between them per se, I think she was asking the open ended question, "What will happen in the future"? And expressing a fear of it ending. We 3 just shared dinner together, a perfectly enjoyable evening.

We get together, either as 3 or just the two of them as time allows, we still have 2 teenage sons living at home with us, and trying to find a good balance of spending time with and family time is something we're working on.

I think all of us are pretty happy with the amount of time we get together, he has spent time with the kids, and we took him with us on an overnight vacation this September.

He's aware I am bi, and it doesn't impede our improving dynamic in bed.

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