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Heh, I suspected you were okay with public breastfeeding but just thought I'd check and make sure.

Nobutseriously, what other than sex per se really results in a literal orgasm? I don't even think we're agreed on this thread about whether breastfeeding can do that.

"How can you ban existence?"
Nuclear holocaust? Sorry, bad joke ...

When you speak of wild animals having sex out in the open, I have to ask if you don't believe this kind of behavior would ideally apply to humans too? After all, humans are technically just one more species of animal ... so, is it "logical" for humans to have sex out in the open?

Honestly though, wild animals do live in a "different world" than humans. Not objecting to said animals getting their freak on out in the open at all; I mean if there was something wrong with it, what business would humans have filming it? but humans have acquired a sizeable mass of complicated social rules, which does put us in a different set of circumstances than the wild animals. We can't exactly choose to go out and have sex in public; we'd get in trouble if we did. In essence, humans have decided that it's okay for wild animals to have a different set of behavioral standards.

When you speak of morality, I wonder if you aren't mostly speaking of "sexual morality." After all, can't we argue that there's a "moral rule" against running out and randomly killing people? That's a different kind of moral issue.

"Don't touch me unless I say you can or *I will hurt you!*"
Yikes, I hope that doesn't apply to if I accidentally bump into someone --

So, you see humans as having the dilemma of being "herd animals" while also being highly independent in their opinions as individuals? Hence, the timeless struggle humans seem to have of trying to get along together but not succeeding ...

Re: my reference to "nut-jobs" ... strictly intended to speculate about the problems of believing that "God told me to do something" and what He "told" the guy to do was kill a bunch of people. Are we applying bigoted opinions about insanity toward someone who is far enough off their rocker to start killing people? Now, if someone just thinks, "God told me to undress in public," we might have more of a gray area.

Awww, I was hoping you would answer all my questions. Alas, the ball appears to be back in my court, as I must decide for myself what's right or wrong based on my intuition which (supposedly) speaks clearly to me of such matters. If only my intuition and I had a more trusting relationship ...

Oh well, I guess I'll settle for some kind of dialog. In the meantime, what about that monstrosity I quoted in my earlier post? Surely it incited some opinions? It trash-talked not just breastfeeding in public, but *any* breastfeeding. No takers? (I know I posted it right before the site had some technical problems.)
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