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Well - You have given me some stuff to think about.

I have considered getting surgically sterilized. It just seems so permanent. Until I am older, I don't want to assume that how I feel now, is how I will always feel.

And - it is really more of an issue of feeling that I don't want an abortion again. So, It is really a "i'd deal with it" situation; which isn't fair to a child.

So - one thing to figure out is how to make us both feel safer in the preventative aspect of this.

Another - is figuring out what is going on with him. No - I wouldn't want him to stick around to be miserable. But he knows the risks just as I do. And he didn't say definitively either. It just struck a nerve with me that the response wasn't "oh, I would be supportive". In many cases, that's a load of bullcrap coming from a guy too. At least O thinks about this shit and doesn't give me the response I want to hear - it is really how he feels.

Still - would be nice to feel that the true response was that I could depend on him.

So, I guess there is some thinking to do.

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