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Have you thought about having yourself surgically sterilized, for your would-be unwanted kid's sake?

I don't think it's very "nice" for a guy to say that if he made you pregnant, he wouldn't stand by you, but you don't want a kid either, so why would you think HE should? Because you'd be miserable and would want company?

I'm speaking as one of those kids who "just happened" because it was "what everyone does". I think my mother really wanted me, but my father should have thought twice, or five times, because I don't think he really wanted a kid, he just liked being able to say he had a kid. How would you feel if you knew that your parents, especially your mother, didn't want you but you were one of those things that "just happened" so she "dealt with" it? Kids can sense these things.

If you think there is a chance you really DO want a kid but don't feel able to make a conscious decision to have one, I highly recommend finding a partner who is at the very least open to the idea.
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