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Originally Posted by NaturalUnicorn View Post
My apologies if my " misuse" of the sacred Unicorn term, offends you. Again you are the first and only to correct me.
I believe in Poly we all have our own interpretations of terms, and what the lifestyle is and means and how it fits us as individuals... thank you.. sweet person for sharing your ideas.
The reason why you hadn't been corrected is because there are a lot of couples out there who have an interest in projecting a positive spin on the term.
I have seen couples profiles asking for 'their special unicorn' but that is a sure sign of complete inexperience and lack of any sort of research. No one replies and so they then complain until someone points out to them that 'no single woman in the poly world would call herself that because it is a disparaging term.
Schrodingers Cat "corrected" you because she was being honest and thoughtful, it would be a good idea to take her words seriously and not put it down to personal "interpretations" or "sharing (her) ideas".