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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Her emotionally monogamous relationship is with her spouse, not you. If she's emotionally monogamous, then why would she give a hoot whether you date other women? Unless, of course, she actually does have emotional attraction to you, in which case she's not emotionally monogamous.
Have to agree. Might be incorrect phrasing by the OP.. she could just be intellectually monogamous.

Might be worth more discussion with her, to find out if she is monogamous because of external reasons. Might just be tradition.. might be worth finding out a little more in case her monogamy is simply over powering because it is the way it has always been.. vs what she actually "feels"..

As an example. My mom is someone who is monogamous. She loved my Dad and still loves my Dad. He died 15 years ago and in many ways hasn't been able to move on. Completely unhealthy, yes (some might say romantic but I wouldn't).. but she is emotionally monogamous.

Personally I have never been in a relationship where I wasn't emotionally attached to someone else. Period. Even when I was mono, I was always interested in someone else.. sexually or even intimately. However, it took a kick in my butt in my earlier years to realize I was non-monogamous and then years later learn I could love more than one (which was an equally painful kick in the butt).
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