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This has been a week of ups and downs, and today is definitely one of the downs. On Sunday, Runic Wolf and I renewed our vows in front of many of our friends. Wendigo was unable to attend b/c his MIL threw a birthday party for his wife, Pretty Lady, the same day. It was a beautiful day. Monday, Runic Wolf had another date with his new lady friend. She's a good fit for him and it's going well. (I will let him name here). While they were out watching a movie, I began to have bad stomach pains, similar to mentrual cramps (which I don't get), but I figured it had to do with my wheat and corn allergies and ignored it. Bad idea, I woke up yesterday with intestinal issues that landed me in Urgent Care for 5 hours. Today I am trying to get into see a gasteroenterologist to determine if I have Crohn's or possibly Ulcerative Colitis. Neither are appealing to me. I'm getting pretty damn tired of my body attacking itself.
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