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Kevin T,

I have no problem with breastfeeding in public: why should I? That's like asking me if I have a problem with someone eating a ham-sandwhich in public.~
Believe me please, I have had orgasms from eating food!~ ^_^
Does that mean we should ban all food? No, that's ridiculous we would die!~ ^_^ Should we ban all public food: when does it stop?~
Some one will ALWAYS find SOMETHING "orgasmic" are we to ban all things every where?~ How can you ban existence?~ It just gets more and more ridiculous, because the idea was ridiculous to begin with!~

(Note for this paragraph: I'm NOT referring to "you:Kevin", but to "you: in general")
Wild animals have sex in the open some times right in front of each other, it's natural, it happens, it's practical and therefor it is 'logical', don't try to make me believe something YOU BELIEVE from a STORY THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE TRUE that supposedly 'justifies' 'wild animals' behavior' 'because they are wild animals: they are 'lesser than us' and they do not know that what they do is 'wrong''!~ XD I'll be laughing at you until sundown, because you speak nonsense to me and that makes what you say a joke to me!~ ^_^

On the subject of 'morality': I don't believe in 'universal morality', because every one likes and dislikes different things.~
BUT every one DOES have some 'basic form' of 'respect', like "Don't touch me unless I say you can or I WILL HURT YOU!"
'Morality' is based off of 'emotion' a 'sense of 'wrong and right', while 'logic' is based off of practicality.~
No one agrees on every thing 'morality' wise.~
We group together when we 'agree on many things morally, practically, or other wise', the issue is having a balance of individual preferences and toleration of others' preferences as well.~

On your reference to "nut-jobs" or "crazy people", "insanity" is simply another way to say "we don't understand this person or people" when they are NOT ACTUALLY "dealing with mental issues to the point of it being overwhelming for them".~ MANY PEOPLE are so full of SHEER ARROGANCE OR IGNORANCE that they ACTUALLY THINK that either someone is "insane" because the "definition" of "insanity" is "We don't understand this person or people." OR they actually believe that BECAUSE THEY 'don't understand this person or people' IT ACTUALLY MAKES IT SO!~ XD

I will not tell you the meaning of 'life' or 'the actual big picture', because you decide what that is for YOURSELF AND NO ONE ELSE!~ But when you 'feel' and you 'know' something is such a HUGE waste of time, 'doesn't feel right', and goes against everything you believe you should be doing: do you ignore this truth or do you actually make an attempt to stop yourself?~

I've already answered your last question with my previous post.~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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