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Default meeting his other. help?!

So, after much deliberation and a mutual desire to attend the same conference, my partner and I have decided it's perfectly acceptable for me to meet his other girlfriend.

some quick background: I've been with him for just under a year and entered the relationship knowing his relationship with her had been ongoing and would continue even though they are recently long-distance. She has another partner who she considers her primary. He and I have not declared each other primaries but seem to act as such simply because she is a long drive away and I am close by. She and I have texted once or twice to say hello, but nothing more.

So we're going to the conference and as part of the experience I get to meet his girlfriend face to face for the first (and potentially only) time ever. Although we've talked extensively, he and I as well as the three of us via text messages, I'm terrified. How do I not mess up what he has with her? What if seeing us side by side destroys something for him? What if she's ugly?! What if she and I can't get along in person? What if we don't actually 'hang out' or anything and she just exists? What if my jealousy rears its ugly head when it's not just knowing he's having sex with her but that he's having sex with her and I could (in theory) interrupt it?

Am I freaking out for no good reason...or have other people met their partner's other when that person was never going to be/become a third for you as a couple?
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