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Prof seemed genuinely pleased with the print. He said he was going to put it where I thought it would go, nice
Kip was a bit of a git and ignored my messages on Friday. We had a vague plan to meet but he did not reply when I tried to firm it up. Did not reply till Monday! Bit rude I thought, turns out he was having a difficult weekend with his wife and did not feel like replying. hmmmmmk.
I did bring up that he likes a quick response and will make multiple phone calls and BUZZ on IM if he doesn't get a reply. I usually reply to most things within the hour. Retort to that? Yes, there is a double standard and that's how it is. Bit of a laugh, at least he admitted to it.
Prof brought up the rules yesterday. Another partner committed what S took to be a violation and she had a melt down.
I asked why they had all these rules in the first place. He said they didn't have any in the beginning but outside partners lacked personal boundaries, and it seemed better to approach new people with some rules in place. Makes sense.
Yes, I am in a agreeable mood, lots of lots or really good sex over the past few days.
Me: mid 40s female.
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