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Originally Posted by keymasterryuko View Post
We both agreed there was abuse from both sides regarding the issue of poly
How does the philosophy that love is not a scarce resource and that efforts to restrict it should be avoided causing abuse?

What happened that is abuse? And... since you (and your partner) agree that there has been abuse... why the heck are you continuing down this road? Polyamory, loving multiple people, caused abuse? I really don't understand how you have come to this conclusion and I think it's important for you to look a bit deeper into your assertion.

Originally Posted by keymasterryuko View Post
When it felt like it was a choice between being with him and my sanity and security, being with him won. I choose to be in this mess, to try being with him
That's your choice; as self-admittedly destructive as it is.

Personally I think it's good to know what your priorities are, even if they happen to be acquiring as much pain as possible.

Good luck with your decision to live a life of pain
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