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Hi Vandalin, everyone.
I expect that this post won't help at all, but here I go.

It seems to me you're just tormenting yourself. I would drop him and move on. If only our hearts listened to such logic.

When I was in high school I was totally in love with this girl who had no interest in me. I didn't want to pester her to death, so I limited myself to asking her out / suggesting things for us to do to only one thing per month. I think I tempted her a few times, but she always said no. Likely to prevent me from getting my hopes up when she had no interest. In that respect she was kinder than Elric is, I guess.

I spent way too much time thinking about her. Thinking about her made my heart soar. For something like 2.5 years I was IN LOVE.

Then one day I realized it might be possible to not love her.
The next day I realized that I likely didn't love her.
The day after, I just felt tired when I thought of her.

And that was that. I never bothered her again. The thing that impressed me is how suddenly a couple year obsession ended.

Perhaps you should cyber flirt with someone else. Get a tiny touch of NRE going with someone else to distract you?

I offer this advice full knowing that if someone had given me similar advice when I had this obsession with my lady love, I would have agreed with them, and it would have had NO effect on my emotions. You can't command your emotions. But you can command what you do, and I think it is time for you to spend time with others.

I wish you the best, Warm regards, Rick.
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