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Default Pragmatics

I've gradually come to accept a reality that Lobe recognised before I did: if we want to be in the same place, he's going to have to shift and come to where I am.

At the moment, and for the foreseeable future, I'm not free to choose to move cities to be with him. Well - obviously I am free to do whatever the fuck I want... What I mean is, other priorities of mine (i.e. to continue to grow a life with Ocean and Grotto) are in conflict with this. If end up where Lobe is, it will be for independent reasons. A happenstance happiness.

It's an odd feeling.

I've written on here before that I am not one to uproot my life to be with someone else. In fact, that was a rule of mine, not to do this. A rule I have recently broken, twice. Heh. It's not so bad.

Similar to this disinclination, though, is me not wanting to be the reason anyone else moves. I feel it's important to be whereever it is you need to be, for you. But of course wanting to be close to other people is an intertwined part of what's right for you personally.

I'd love it if Lobe could live closer to me.

But that would make more sense a bit later, if ever, I think. It's too early right now, and neither of us are sure what we want. Well. I'm surer than Lobe.

In a way, it's good that the decision (to move or not) will most likely be his to make. Means he'll have to be confident that he wants this, that he wants to give it a go.

In transit, free airport internet (wooh! Always pleases me). When I get to 'home base', I'm dropping in to see Grotto - who fortuitously has the day off work! Then either just me or both of us are going to near Ocean's work to catch him for a brunch/lunch. Oh yeah The old gang back together again.
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