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Originally Posted by keymasterryuko View Post
-There is no sense of worry, that they will leave you for someone new and shiny. NRE is hard to deal with firsthand when it fades. So dealing with him having NRE with a girl who has (insert qualities here that I lack) would be very painful.
Think about your assumption here... Mono couples NEVER break up because one partner meets someone new and shiny? It is less likely that a a break up will happen in the event of "new and shiny" with poly couples.

Here is the thing: how you feel is how you feel. If you prefer a mono configuration, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but don't delude yourself that "new and shiny" doesn't happen with mono couples just because it isn't "supposed to."

I appreciate your bravery in giving this shot since it is obvious that poly isn't what you truly want. So here is my suggestion: for every reason that you wrote down try to get down to the basis of why you feel as you do. What is the underlying belief that sustains the feeling? And when you do find that belief compare the reality between mono and poly couples. If your belief is based on a fallacy like the one I pointed out above, it may give you something to work with.

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